Selling and Buying Real Estate at the Same Time?

Selling and buying real estate at the same time?
Five fundamentals to do it right!

1. Get a market opinion from the Metzler Team as to the estimated selling price and net dollars in your pocket at closing.
There are dozens of different markets within the main market. You need market information specific to your property to better determine your list price, expected average time on the market, etc. Don't assume. Get real data. Zillow and other sites are often very inaccurate compared to the actual or true estimated value. We can help!

2. Figure out the financing on your purchase.
Rates are very low and timing will be important. Is it better to put a large cash down payment or minimal payment? The Metzler Team can recommend a local lender to support you through this process and help weigh different options.

3. Set a game plan.
There are a number of ways to get from point A to B and each strategy has different benefits. We advise clients daily and help you strategize a game plan that will navigate you through both your current home sale and your next home purchase.

4. Prepare your home.
The Metzler Team will help you prioritize what areas to focus on to get the highest price and/or to give your home the highest probability of selling. Examples: How to plan home improvements based on the best return on investment, home staging and decor to help your home show its best, etc.

5. Win win!
We regularly offer our clients a package deal or incentive when buying and selling a property at the same time, which puts more money back in your pocket. Get the best, for less.

We're here to help! Email Nick Metzler and his team today at or call 970-846-8811 to learn more.