Who will benefit from new cell tower in west Steamboat? Here's a map

Verizon Wireless customers will find it easier to text and invite their buddies to the breweries and restaurants in west Steamboat Springs thanks to a new cell phone tower that is being planned near Elk River Road.

A before-and-after coverage map provided by Verizon shows the businesses at Curve Plaza and Copper Ridge Circle should see significant improvements in terms of their cell phone coverage and LTE data connections.

We made a slider map below to show exactly how the LTE coverage is expected to change with the installation of the new tower. The tower's location is marked on the map by a dot next to the Steamboat Springs Airport. Areas shaded in green receive the best cellular data connections.

Cell phone coverage in west Steamboat has been an issue for some wireless customers.

The service is so unreliable at times, police officials last year expressed concern about building the new police station in the western part of the city without also adding something that would boost officers' cell phone signals.

In the application for the new cell tower, Verizon officials said they have received numerous complaints about the coverage near the intersection of U.S. Highway 40 and Routt County Road 129.

They also note there is a significant drop in coverage when the level of tourism increases and more people are in Steamboat using smartphones, tablets and other devices that rely on data connections.

The new 60-foot cell phone tower would be built at the Routt County Road and Bridge Maintenance Facility at 2300 County Shop Road.

The application for the tower was recently submitted to the city of Steamboat Springs.